Thermostat in El Paso, TX

Where Is the Best Place to Put My Thermostat in El Paso, TX?

November 29, 2022

Making sure your thermostat is in the correct place could have a huge impact on your energy bills. Here are some of the best places to install your thermostat in El Paso, TX.

Interior Wall

A great place to install your thermostat is on an interior wall in your living room or dining area. Exterior walls are often cooler than interior walls in the winter and warmer in the summer, which can impact the thermostat’s ability to read the temperature. It can also affect how often your heating and cooling system kicks on.

Many people place their thermostats in the living room, where it’s easily accessible. Be sure to keep it away from the kitchen where the temperature is on average warmer than the rest of the home.

Away From Doors and Windows

People are constantly passing through the doorways in your home, stirring up the air and creating a breeze. Frequent drafts may cause your thermostat to turn the furnace on more frequently. This can increase your energy bills and make your home uncomfortably warm.

Away From Direct Sunlight

When your thermostat is under direct sunlight, it tends to read a much higher temperature. Too much sunlight throughout the day will have it kicking on your air conditioner constantly during the summer. When winter rolls around, you’ll find your furnace is rarely on because it thinks the home is already warm enough.

Centrally Located Room

Your thermostat needs to be able to read your home’s average temperature. Placing it in a closet or hallway won’t accurately represent your home’s climate. It can also affect your monthly energy bills and make it impossible to feel comfortable.

Make sure your household is optimally comfortable no matter the season. Call us at Dynamic Heating & Cooling, Refrigeration, where we’re ready to take care of all your indoor comfort needs in El Paso, TX.

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