New Heat Pump in Horizon, TX

When Should I Install a New Heat Pump in Horizon, TX?

February 24, 2023

As a homeowner, you wish the heating system would serve you for many, many years. However, there comes a time when replacement is unavoidable. Below are some signs that could indicate you should install a new heat pump in Horizon, TX.

Need for Frequent Repairs

Over the years of use, your heating system undergoes wear and tear. As a result, the unit breaks down more often, prompting expensive repairs.

Do you have to call your HVAC contractor more than three times a year for major repairs? If so, it would make more financial sense to replace the heating system.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

A heat pump maintains the air quality in your home by circulating fresh and clean air throughout your space. If the air in your home seems humid, or you are frequently sneezing, it indicates that the air isn’t circulating effectively.

This is harmful to your health as it increases your susceptibility to allergic reactions and respiratory complications. Replacing the unit that compromises the IAQ would be best.

Decreased Efficiency

As the heat pump ages, it loses its efficiency. Although preventive maintenance keeps your unit running for an extended period, eventually you’ll experience inefficiency with older systems. Invest in a new heat pump to save on energy costs and enhance the system’s efficiency.

Unusual Sounds

Normally, heat pumps make minimal noise, no matter how hard they work to keep your home cool. If your heat pump starts making strange sounds like screeching, however, it indicates some components are loose or worn out. Grinding sounds shows issues with the compressor.

Calling professional technicians after hearing the weird sounds from the heat pump would be helpful. They’ll assess the entire system to identify the cause of the problem. The experts will determine whether the unit requires repair or replacement.

When installing a new heating system, you should contact technicians with the right skills and expertise. Our company has been operating since 2003 and has vast experience in offering quality climate control solutions. Contact Dynamic Heating & Cooling, Refrigeration for heat pump installation services in Horizon, TX and the surrounding areas.

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