AC efficiency in Horizon, TX

Recognize These 5 Signs of an Inefficient AC in Horizon, TX

August 1, 2021

An inefficient HVAC system can drive up your energy costs and discourage you from continuing to live in your Horizon, TX, home. So, before you experience various other negative impacts, take a look at the following ways to recognize an inefficient HVAC system.

1. Strange Smells

An inefficient HVAC system can cause a musty odor. This is because the system may not adequately circulate air throughout your home, leading to damp areas where organic growth may occur. You’ll need to call an HVAC for maintenance as quickly as possible if you notice a strong, unpleasant odor coming from your HVAC unit.

2. Poor Air Circulation

If the air isn’t circulating evenly throughout the home, then some rooms are receiving more air than others. This type of problem is also likely to make it difficult to regulate the temperature throughout the house. You may find yourself struggling to find the right temperature in certain rooms or having to adjust the thermostat frequently.

3. Noisy Blower

If your blower is making a lot of noise when it turns on, then there may be a problem with your belt or blower wheel. A technician can replace both of these parts for you.

4. Lack of Efficiency

If the system hasn’t received service for a long time, then you’ll want to call a professional to perform an inspection and cleaning. This will keep your system working as efficiently as possible.

5. Water Drainage

If water starts to pool around your HVAC system, then the drain line may have deteriorated. Make sure to contact an expert as soon as possible to resolve the problem.

If you notice any of these problems in your Horizon, TX, home, call our team at Dynamic Heating & Cooling, Refrigeration for AC maintenance and replacement of any failing parts. We can help you keep your system running smoothly all year long.

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