Heat Pump Repair in Alamogordo, NM

Can I Repair My Own Heat Pump in Alamogordo, NM?

May 30, 2023

Homeowners in Alamogordo, NM can find a lot of online content about how to repair their heat pumps. Unfortunately, most of these content creators do not tell you the negative side of fixing your unit by yourself. We will discuss several reasons why DIY heat pump repair is a bad idea.

You Put Yourself at Risk

A heat pump has various components that may harm you if you don’t handle them well. Multiple wires relay electric current in your system. You may suffer an electric shock if you aren’t careful with these wires.

There is also a special fluid called a refrigerant whose role is to relay heat. If you have never worked on a heat pump before, you could puncture the refrigerant lines without knowing it.

As a result, the refrigerant will start leaking. The fluid harms the environment by depleting the ozone layer and also harms human health.

You’ll Void Your Warranty

When you buy your HVAC system, it comes with a warranty. The document states that the manufacturer is ready to take care of any breakdowns that occur within a certain period after you purchase your equipment. They are also prepared to pay for a replacement if the problem is beyond repair.

When you review the warranty, you will find a clause that states that the company cannot repair or replace your unit if you attempt DIY repairs or installations or engage uncertified services.

DIY Repairs Can Reduce Efficiency

You have a high likelihood of making errors if you are not an HVAC professional. For instance, you may fail to adjust the thermostat correctly or maintain optimal airflow. You may also forget about drainage.

Poor airflow results in uneven temperature distribution in your house, leaving some rooms cold while others are warm. Poor drainage results in biological growth, which may produce unpleasant odors and spores that lower your indoor air quality.

Call Dynamic Heating & Cooling, Refrigeration for professional HVAC services whenever your heat pump breaks down. Allow our technicians to take care of the system malfunctions without putting yourself in danger.

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