Thermostat Mistakes in Las Cruces, NM

3 Thermostat Mistakes in Las Cruces, NM

April 28, 2022

Your thermostat turns your heating or cooling system on and off after reading your indoor temperature. You could be engaging in unhealthy practices that interfere with your thermostat’s performance without your knowledge. We have covered some common thermostat mistakes that homeowners make in Las Cruces, NM.

Installing Your Thermostat Incorrectly

Your thermostat uses a sensor to detect your home’s temperature levels. If you’ve installed the device in an overly warm or cold room compared to the rest of the house, it won’t accurately read your indoor temperature. Consequently, the device will send the wrong instructions to your HVAC system.

Most professionals recommend installing your thermostat approximately 5 feet above the floor. Avoid installing the device where it’s getting direct sunlight or near windows. Also, heat sources such as lamps, radiators, and ovens can affect your device’s efficiency.

Using a Manual Thermostat

While using a manual thermostat, you have to manually key in your temperature preferences. A smart thermostat, on the other hand, has multiple cost-saving and energy-efficiency features. You can access the device remotely on your tablet or smartphone using an application.

These modern thermostats create personalized heat scheduling based on your history and liking. They also create and save energy-usage data for a certain period to help you understand how to improve your energy use. Moreover, you don’t have to walk across the room to use the device because you can operate it using a voice assistant.

Ignoring the Thermostat Guide

Like most machines, your thermostat also comes with a user guide to help you use the device’s features more accurately. Going through this manual will ensure you aren’t stressing your heating or cooling system, avoiding expensive HVAC repairs. The manual will come in handy when learning how to override the thermostat, set a new target temperature, and create a new heating schedule.

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