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Water heater and boiler inside home

From cold showers to sudden blasts of scalding heat, a failing water heater can be a real nightmare. If your hot water supply in Alamogordo, NM; Las Cruces, NM; El Paso, TX; Horizon, TX; or the surrounding areas is becoming less than reliable, look no further than Dynamic Heating & Cooling, Refrigeration.

Expert Water Heater Repairs in El Paso

Modern water heaters are engineered to perform at a high level for many years, but no system is indestructible. Heating elements and thermocouples occasionally burn out and need to be replaced. Tanks gradually fill up with sediment and store less heated water. Thermostats fail and stop regulating water temperature correctly.

Whatever the issue, we’re here to help when your water heater malfunctions. Our technicians have the knowledge to service and repair any brand, model, or type of water heater. After diagnosing the problem, we’ll discuss our findings and help you consider your options. When repairs are needed, we use quality parts and carefully test our work to ensure a long-lasting fix.

High-Quality Water Heater Installation

In some cases, the best way to deal with a failing water heater is to simply replace it. At Dynamic Heating & Cooling, Refrigeration, we carry and install a range of traditional and tankless water heater systems. We can also install water heaters in new homes and commercial properties during the construction process.

Whether it’s upgrading to a high-efficiency tankless water heater or installing a brand-new system, we always get the job done. We’re proud to be a minority-owned business with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We stand behind the work of our talented service technicians with ironclad warranties and a satisfaction guarantee. In fact, you don’t pay until you’re completely satisfied with the results of our work.

Affordable Water Softener Solutions

Hard water is a huge problem for many people throughout El Paso and surrounding communities. In addition to tasting and smelling bad, hard water also takes a real toll on your plumbing system. Minerals can easily accumulate inside your water heater, clogging it up and reducing its storage capacity. Fortunately, Dynamic Heating & Cooling, Refrigeration has a solution to all of these problems. Our powerful water softener systems strip away unwanted minerals, leaving your home or business with nothing but high-quality water. A complete water softener solution delivers benefits that include:

  • Cleaner and more usable water
  • Fewer problems with your plumbing system
  • A longer lifespan for your water heater

From water heater repairs to system replacements and water softener installations, you deserve local service you can trust. You deserve the proven expertise and compassionate service of Dynamic Heating & Cooling, Refrigeration.


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